Sunday, December 20, 2009

crisis averted

im THINKING that ive stumbled across a crisis.
my blog that is.
last time i posted it was 1st december. aaaand now, its five days before christmas.
i still have to brave the shops to get presents. which is lame. cause i dont rrreally feel like fighting over some or other product with some grumpy fellow shopper.
not to mention the total breaching of personal space issue.
maybe i'll just go hide in the movie theatre for a while and try convince myself i did some shopping. or maybe not.
all in all december has just felt rushed..or like its gone too fast.
and even though im back in Cape leaving (again) soon for yet another holiday on the beach.
skin cancer much?
ok, thats bleak.
i wish i could just be in the sun and surf and chill and not get burnt.
although i suppose thats why Piz Buin was invented.

ok, now that ive typed up a whole lotta rubbish...ima post it**

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