Sunday, November 22, 2009

Boy can i babble that my blog has been rectified from being in Persian (yes, it changed its own language :o) and i can now actually read everything i need to (thanks cheyenne for your wonderful battery killing help)

**i can now get back to blogging**

this kinda means i should maaaybe switch my brain on.
which is technically something i should have done this morning cause i still havnt gotten round to starting bio.

tick tock tick tock


is that enough writing for an update post?
because my words of wisdom have temporarily been impaired of late.
OH dear.

and ive decided that One Tree Hill was really cliche when they made Nick Lache (former mr jessica simpson) feature as himself (and sing) in episode 21 (or so). laaaame. he's such a one hit wonder.
no wait.
he didnt even have a hit.

ANYWAYS, ima get back to telling everybody how awsum i am.

OH and p.s - lynsayanne, that Austria vacation your going on. it's not fair.

the end

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

try a little paroxide im sitting at my hairdresser and im waiting.
for 4O minutes.
because the dye that im using to make my hair of a lighter colour needs that long.
But he had to mix a bit of paroxide in with the dye.
and in all seriousness--anyone who has ever had any sort of paroxide on their hair will know that it ITCHES!!!
aaaaaaaa all i wanna do in life is scratch my head right now.
but i cant.
noooooo. its getting worse as i talk about it.

ok, ok, just breathe people lol* i can use my blog to distract me from the itch.
Sigh-okay, i have now got 3O min to wait.


oh and im also secretly being REALLY paranoid cause im hoping this wont be too blonde.
THAT could be an interesting confrontation with ms bekker

Monday, November 16, 2009

im starting to hear a voice of nagging in my head again...
(stop your nonsense cheyenne)
but lets get serious now---i post more than you ever will

SO--now that ive put that out there.
The sun seems to be coming out of hibernation at last. But the wind is lame becasue it means the waves are not so keen bean.

ive been sitting at my computer for about an hour...doing what? i have ZERO idea.
i was kinda half downloading the new itunes (which is taking far too long for my liking) and creating a playlist. OH aaand admiring my mom's new ipod which im stealing as of now...the new nanos are SO cool--i want i want. records videos and has radio (about time). but ya--if anyone feels like buying me one that'll be grrreat.

my weekend went by without me studying a scrap of bio.
im still pondering whether this is a reasonably acceptable thing or a very bad mistake.

ANYWAYS tomorrow is another day---although i cant see myself studying much bio cause im going to book my drivers (how boring and time wastingly consuming) and get a hair cut (after a very long time...(for me))

OH and it's about 2 weeks till plett.
which is cool--je suis excitee pour ma vacance a plett.
oh jeez. why am i voluntarily typing french?????????????????????
could it be withdrawal?

speaking of really should get a new hobby because pestering me with so many smses can be costly (for you...because i have free smses infintely mwahahahahahahaaa) im just writing rubbish to make my blog post seem longer. maybe i should post something worthwhile this space*************

love to all :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hello, im Kalk Bay

**a pretty amazing little place

Putting an end to procrastination

**soo..ive been procrastinating about blogging of late.
[[EVER so sorry to keep ALL (three) fans on hold :p ]]
BUT then i face a dilema cause then when i WANT to blog--well--the timing of the want is wrong.

EITHER WAY. im here now.

My house was like some circus tonight--a whole lot of relatives, three toddlers playing and screaming and banging on a piano and a dog who would not stop barking.
oh and then i had to wash dishes. lots and lots of dishes.

but on the good side of the evening--i finally own the Lion King on dvd. This is a huuuuge moment for me because ive been trying to get it for like 4 years. But stupid Walt Disney studios only releases it every 10 years and its not sold in South Africa. HONESTLY now.
But in all collection is ALMOST complete :D

ANYWAYS--i have too much time before my next exam. I actually like having an exam cause it means seeing friends...who i miss very much.
no--but seriously---it's getting closer to the 30th (or whichever date english 3 is on) and thats the official last day we're all together.
in all truth i want to cry.

ANYWAY--both C and L (and possibly A) said my blog is too emo so...
smile smile smile
laa dee da
lol lol lol

etc etc

thats happy enough.
maybe im just not a generally happy person. or maybe my thinking on a deeper level is mistakened as emo-ness.

BUT--i love you my three followers lol***
a lot.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


so...i love english literature. i really do.
BUT--studying it is a whole different story.
I havnt started yet.
I actually had the whole day but oh well, such is life.

But, A- just because you believed me when i said i would study--i shall because i cant go lying now can i.

i just need to figure out how best to approach this situation of studying.

*krrr krrr krrr

its raining...still. im all for it but maaaybe, just it not meant to be summer right about now?
I want more rain. and thunder. and lightening. NOW.

SIGH--today was not a wonderful day*

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

images that remind me of my 3 blogging friends :)

[ just seems to stick]

[the amount of pictures of cupcakes on your blog--it's hard not to relate them to you]

[shooting star...self explanatory :)]

rain, rain- stay right here

**im kinda being telopathecally forced to write a new post...yes, i can feel the pressure

okaaaay...hmmm's raining.
but what's new.
it's been doing so for...what?...four days
but im not complaining.
cause rain is very very amazing and i should just go live somewhere out in the country where it's beautiful when its raining. (oo, like in Pride and Prejudice movie---i'll just go live there...thaaanks*)

akrikaans is over...and i know i was right A always right.
ok, not really but in theory its cool to think that i am.

SIGH..this weather makes me want to go and hike into the mountains where all that mist is and be all "im adventurous" ish. all not really gonna go hike up a mountain at 21.30 to find some mist. maybe i'll just go stand outside in the rain.

Monday, November 9, 2009

--- new realities ----

Windswept fairytales and disenchanted lullabies
She’s just another Cinderella wishing for her dreams
Her sparkling eyes
Almost hide her demise
As her laughter screams a melody of pain

She has already seen it all
Too bad she’s going to fall
This little angel only three feet tall

Nothing really happened to those warm, loving arms
They vanished along with everything else
And to no surprise
A life made up of lies
Squeezed her soul just a little bit smaller

She has already seen it all
Too bad she’s going to fall
This little angel only three feet tall

Her dimmed life is another sparkling light to fade
Just some other something to unnoticeably change the day
Society lives free
Whilst she cant even breathe
Where are those people that are part of her?

She’s like a star amongst millions the same
A loss of light that can’t even justify a second glance
She’s no threat
To this world she’s met
Just another tragedy of our new reality

She has already seen it all
Too bad she’s going to fall
This little angel only three feet tall

Thursday, November 5, 2009

p.s. happy fireworks day

**and remember kids...dont set fireworks near animals. cause they wont like you. and i wont like you. and you want me to like you.
oh ... and also cause it's illegal :p

Ain't no sunshine when it rains

So the rain was short lived---well, at least in my area*
but then--as if to reintroduce summer to my life the sun came out and out popped a rainbow.
SIGH...tomorrow is maths lit paper SO stressed. OH.MY whatever shall i do.
i love this part of exams---i get to school bright and early and listen to my ipod.
the girls who do maths---they arrive at school and start a frenzy of "i don't know how to do that"s and "oh my word, please help me"s.
come to think of it--sounds a bit like my desperation when i have the tendancy to show up before an afrikaans lit exam having NOT studied any of the stories.
BUT, dont fear people. THAT wont happen***

but anyways--here's some good news on the horizon...that burn i said i have...well it's gone semi brown overnight. woohoo. but it's still sore ((so cheyeene dont get any ideas with books or nothing))

SJOE--i can smell the weed from my chronic druggie neighbours wofting into my room. it's kinda gross...but seriously--it's like they blowing it AT my window. But i wont say anything to them cause the man next door is kinda a scary, hairy IT.

aaaaand theeeeen....that's that.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

blogging about*

posting a blog on ones phone or looking at blogspot on ones phone takes A LOT of patience.
BUT, me thinks said grand effort to blog just shows my true dedication to this awesumness that is blogging.

I feel like mentioning 3 cool people who are awesum enough to blog as well...

cheyenne- you got a blog you got a blog you got a blog you got a blog. now im gonna stalk your blog as much as you stalk mine :p

lynsayanne- i already stalk your blog (as you have threatened me if i do not follow its every post). so i live in fear that one day youll be like "did you see that post" and ima be like "no...AAAA. ill try harder next time".
And maaaybe one day soon ill go look at :]

andrea (stolen middle name: jane) - i reserve commenting on any of your daily habits. [including sleeping habits, preppiness (btw-ur preppiness makes you awesum), choice in boys (or boy) (and yes, thats OTHER than Hunter Parish) and your tv addiction (theres nothing wrong with tv...and weeds is AMAZING)]

SO YEAH--you 3 are awesum and we can all just radiate coolness together.

anyway--my theory of the day ("embrace the sunshine") {which was actually a stolen theory from 2 of the above} didnt end up so well.
I embraced it and then ya---aftersun gel is amazing!! The sun, however, is now my enemy.
Maybe one day in life i will actually resort to something as scary as fake tan.
HAHA, not!!
Ill volentarily go and get an injection before self-tanning...and we all know how i feel about needles.

BUT another off day tomorrow. MAYBE i will study maths lit...or maybe i wont (*shocker) and i will be happy about the possible rain :)

BUT, not everyone is as lucky as me--some people write history tomorrow...eish. {ok, well i THINK its history tomorrow-could be wrong}
good luck to a very awesum shooting star*

and now, as for me--i might potentially retire from blogging for the evening.

love to you all

Edward Monkton says it best**

It's true...seriously...even though we all have our set dreams and goals and places we wanna visit---we cant be certain where EXACTLY we gonna end up and which people we gonna have in our life and what we going to be doing.

we can just enjoy the journey and hope it amazing when we get to our destination :)

"embrace the sunshine"

thats my theory for the day


Bunny Suicides...cute little sadistic bunnies

Sunday, November 1, 2009

p.s: i love november

So...other than finding old poems--my life has not seriously been altered in any way now thats its the second last month of 2009.

ok wow...thats scary!!! this year has gone waaaaay to fast!!
and the shops have already put up christmans decorations...oh SIGH.

anyways--november = closer to year end = closer to end of finals = long holidays = :)

goodnight world**

A very strange poem*

this is a 12-year old's attempt at poetry.
dont laugh. this is very serious.

When I got my new frog today I noticed something odd,
My supposedly endangered tree frog had turned into a bod.
Oh look I cried as he turned around, you are quite rather handsome,
Are you a man of any importance- for I shall hold you for a ransom.

My fellow man friend I do bequeath,
I am an amphibian from beneath.
My manly body has come a shock to me,
For I’m not used to these feet you see.

My mouth is smaller,
My underarms could kill.
There are stenches coming from places,
Which will no doubtedly make me ill.

And what is this odd roughage I have upon my face,
Its growing longer and longer at an uncanny pace.

My dear frog friend whom I have now conversed,
I do find this situation rather odd.
For when I brought a frog today
I didn’t think he’d turn into a bod.

Answer me this my man friend
Does this transformation cause you despair
Does a frog turned man friend scare you
Or do you even care

My dear frog friend……….

Here we both stand to our surprise,
An odd encounter I shall demise.
I’m now determined to make you my friend
I fear my life might otherwise end


admittingly it comes to an unconcluded end...but i was 12...what do you expect LOL. you can laugh.