Saturday, October 31, 2009

Baloo- THE cutest puppy you'll ever meet

**Byrnese Mountain Dog**
8 weeks old and she already weighs 11.5kg.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

it's normal to resent afrikaans right?

This is what i've decided...
1. i resent afrikaans and everything to do with the damn subject
2. said point above is a result of numerous years of slavery and not-dedication for said subject
3. another addition to above point: my afrikaans Taal textbook is looking at me. MAYBE though it wants me to remove it off the shelf and actually study (which i havnt done all day)
4. krrr krrr
5. im talking about an afrikaans textbook as though it's another one of my pets.
6. afrikaans text book are not alive...nor can they stare.


For a lot of people--tomorrow is their first exam. HAH, im already a veteran with these exams...i mean--ive already got a whole subject behind me :D

**please can i tear up my french stuff now??
oh wait---maybe there'll be some tool who cheated.'s to hoping i suppose.

Aah--just though of something cool--tomorrow our whole grade is going to be together again. *how touching*
oh wait---ank---no we wont be cause Xhosa girls wont be there. BUT, ok..whole grade minus a few


i want to sleep...but i cant....but if i could....i would.
and my eyes are burning.
and my life is a constant headache.

BUT WOW---this whole blogging thing has "esculated very quickly" (as SOME people say (no names mentioned))(haha--that was a bracket within a bracket--oh yes)
but as i was saying--im officially hooked. SHAME---i feel sorry for my final report marks at the end of the year.

**i also secretly feel sorry for certain people ((cough lynsayanne))for getting me into blogging cause after i get said marks ima come chase after her.

But there's always optimism in life.
erm...let's go be....enthusiastic?...about exams. and life. and sleep ((which ive been encouraged to do))

Cyanide Happiness--there's numerous ways to be amused

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Faint reminders of nothing...

The secrets and whispers that inhabit my mind have long since been strangers to me. The slightest desires that I possess, to shout out the words that I conceal so easily, are forever thrust aside. I am overwhelmed by the thoughts that have been chipping away at my mentality for what seems to be approximating to my entire existence.

My mind has become a pool of emotion that few have dared to swim in. I wade through it with apprehension and a careful step as I fear the things that I may come across. I am dreadfully aware of the whirlpools of thoughts that could so easily imprison my very being.

The whispers that scream loneliness to me are ever present; ever near; but solitude does nothing to scare, shake or even fracture the weathered wall that has been built up to protect my heart on every side. I fear the words of others that can cause so much anguish and as faint whispers of insecurity leak through the wall, so I try stacking more stones upon it; my added guard for all the emotions that shout out to me to release themselves from where they are hidden inside of me.

Flowing through my veins, the whispers of failures past have long been ingrained onto my heart. Every hurt that I have ever known has been placed somewhere in my soul. Ignoring the protesting shouts, my failure and hurt is pushed aside and I concede to knowing that they are still there. I want to yell out to those who pass by me everyday but stubbornly I give the wicked whispers no space to become mistakes; for nothing can become of something that barely exists.

I am frightened by the expectations that I may not be able to fulfil. Scarred by disappointment I know not to shout out before I have the words to do so. I do not want to generate any false hope or live a self engrossed life, cast into the shadows where only whispers of reality can be heard.

I know not the luxuries of comfortable self expression. My bursting heart holds on by a thread as the shouts are muffled by my stubborn mind. I cannot give reason for something that I cannot explain or properly make sense of and I do not wish for my emotions to be hidden away where they do not belong. Even now as I speak of the perplexity that consumes my insides, I cannot portray everything that I wish to express.

They are the enemies that I cannot confront. They are the tears that I try so hard not to cry. They are the shields that are yet to be penetrated. The darkened shadows and the whispers of the feelings that I once knew reside within me. They have become untraceable to the naïve eyes of many. I speak now of the whispers that will forever conform to the boundaries of my heart. They are all the things that I cannot be.

Mitch Dobrowner Earth Photos*

WELL...if you can get past his ravishing surname then you'll find that he is actually an amazing photographer. He does these shots of features of land or what not and i rate they're amazing

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

*we should all just blog instead

ok so two things i know for sure:
1. The fact that i should be studying right now instead of posting a new post is....well, its lame to say the least.
aaand then, on the other hand
2. The fact that im blogging instead of studying right now is also lame. Why? WELL---because it means im gonna fail life in dramatic fashion due to utter failure in examinations :o in a rut. grrreat.

Ok, so my point? I can either study and accept the lameness or not study and fail life.

SIGH--now that ive described the wonderously challenging problem im faced with for the day...maybe i should stop staring at my really messy cupboard and take my feet off of my french ((yes--that IS what i think of french)) and then proceed to study.


i think im just going to blog instead*

Monday, October 26, 2009

Last chance Hollywood. and other dodgy celebrity antics.

Nowadays, it's all about the "Hollywood 'Big Fame' hunters" but the majority of the "mindless media" fans have never once suspected that there may be life outside of the pages of the OK or People magazines.

It has been said that for all of their (the celebrities’) whining about being very private people, just trying to live their lives; trying to be the “sensitive and creative souls” that they are and having the press and paparazzi impose on their lives with sad, besotted fans just around the corner----it is, infact, we (the public) who are hounded and haunted by the celebrities.

People see Paris Hilton perform fellatio in night vision whilst internet-enabled fans are never more than two clicks away from a Britney Spears up-skirt shot.
Paris, Britney. Britney, Paris. For a while it seemed as if there was no escaping these two. They were everywhere; their antics filling the tabloids and taking over our news reels.

Sex tapes. Commando incidents. Ill-advised partners and stupid boyfriends. Public breakdowns. Run-ins with the law. Video encounters. Public drunkenness. Shaved heads. Driving under the influence. Custody battles (involving both children and pets).

And the, of course, rehab and reform.

Whilst we can argue about the worthiness of this rubbish on our prime time news channels….there are perhaps far more important things to discuss.

Perhaps that Britney Spears’ new biography “Britney: Inside the dream” suggests that, at the ripe and experienced age of 27; a new, more mature Britney has emerged from so called “personal struggle”.

**maybe the world does need another story about getting through tough times as a multi-millionaire but then we can just think about all of the “struggle in Africa”

Which brings us to Paris Hilton.
It was during her time of “reflection” spent in the Century Regional Detention Facility that she finally came to her senses, like so many other fallen stars, and decided to begin her “do-gooder” rein. Starting with Rwanda.
Within 24-hours of her release she was on Larry king telling the world about her new mission in life. She said that “there is so much need in that area. I feel, like, if I go, it will bring more attention to what people can do to help. I know there is a lot of good I can do by going there.”

WELL…guess that Rwanda fixed its own problems that she was so certain she could fix. She never actually got there. Instead she visited South Africa with her boyfriend and signed pictures of herself in a bikini and gave them to orphans in Pretoria.

So…is this the new Hollywood? With their attitude of “Shame, poor Africa. We’re sorry about the bombing and famine and poverty---but we’ve sent a celebrity as a goodwill gesture.”
Yes. Africa has become the target of the celebrities of Hollywood who think that adopting yet another Malawian or Ethiopian or Rwandan black baby will fix the world and ultimately bring world peace.

This is Hollywood today. The entertainment industry was an industry that made entertainment. Its workforce was requires to do quaint things like show up to movie sets, or make music.
Today, that brief has been somewhat altered or expanded. It now includes protesting for alien religions, attempting to negotiate with the Taliban, getting photographed in a manner that basically constitutes a gynaecology examination and being brought in to fix some or other refugee crisis.

i love the rain*

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Video killed the classic star

Ray Charles
Frank Sinatra
Elvis Presley
Billy Holiday
Edith Piaf
We all know these people. Magicians in their work, they created music that spoke to the world. They were not loved, adored or idolized specifically for what they wore. There was no world-wide televsion or glossy magazines telling people what they should think of these people. There were no half naked pictures of female singers--trying to seduce the public into believing that they were infact good singers.
Marked only by their talent and passion for making comparison to some of the stars of the music world today....the stars of the century passed performed, sung and lived on a more authentic and real level.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Air Traffic - I can't understand

*everyone should like them*

So come on down and let it out
Walk me through the corridors of fear
It's not a dream without a doubt
You try so hard to shut the feelings the out
I lie awake and watch the stars
A cry so far from where we are
And in the haze of shattered light
I break from the chains and drift into the night
Cos I can't understand what's going on I can't understand what's going on
And now it seems so long ago
We talked for hours and missed the last train home
But are we weightless being blown
Far from the heart and far from all we've known
Cos I can't understand what's going on
I can't understand what's going on
You said our love transcends this life
Now I know it's true

So I cut my hands and I close my eyes
So I can feel it too
Cos I can't understand what's going on
I can't understand what's going on

Post graduation

** Beautiful picture taken in the school quad after our valedictory service. e '09. that.
it's over
well technically the lessons part is and i start exams on monday.
it's french-----krrr krrr
ACTUALLY having french as my first 2 exams is in itself- hidden brilliance. it means i can shred every bit of french i own SOON :D
shame-madame spent the whole of our last lesson telling us all the differences between saying 'good luck' and 'shit' in french.
no joke--she said shit abot 20 makes things awakward when your teacher starts swearing.
But other than swearing french teachers...things are still bleak. and im probably not going to see a few very important people to me in my life ever again after my last exam.
SIGH* whoever said matriculating was a blast?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The hardest part is letting go

i cant believe that as of tomorrow im pretty much in all technicalities finished school.
nevermind primary school...grade 8 is now a distant memory and this moment, now...seemingly so far away....has finally come and five years of my life has floated past without so much of a second thought.
where did the time go?
right now its all about the thoughts of "i cant believe it's here" and "im going to miss you" or "now begins the rest of our lives"
but wow---tomorrow......
tomorrow is going to be emotional to say the least.
i cant help but wish for just one more yesterday so i can hold off the inevitable tomorrow for just that much longer.