Thursday, October 29, 2009

it's normal to resent afrikaans right?

This is what i've decided...
1. i resent afrikaans and everything to do with the damn subject
2. said point above is a result of numerous years of slavery and not-dedication for said subject
3. another addition to above point: my afrikaans Taal textbook is looking at me. MAYBE though it wants me to remove it off the shelf and actually study (which i havnt done all day)
4. krrr krrr
5. im talking about an afrikaans textbook as though it's another one of my pets.
6. afrikaans text book are not alive...nor can they stare.


For a lot of people--tomorrow is their first exam. HAH, im already a veteran with these exams...i mean--ive already got a whole subject behind me :D

**please can i tear up my french stuff now??
oh wait---maybe there'll be some tool who cheated.'s to hoping i suppose.

Aah--just though of something cool--tomorrow our whole grade is going to be together again. *how touching*
oh wait---ank---no we wont be cause Xhosa girls wont be there. BUT, ok..whole grade minus a few


i want to sleep...but i cant....but if i could....i would.
and my eyes are burning.
and my life is a constant headache.

BUT WOW---this whole blogging thing has "esculated very quickly" (as SOME people say (no names mentioned))(haha--that was a bracket within a bracket--oh yes)
but as i was saying--im officially hooked. SHAME---i feel sorry for my final report marks at the end of the year.

**i also secretly feel sorry for certain people ((cough lynsayanne))for getting me into blogging cause after i get said marks ima come chase after her.

But there's always optimism in life.
erm...let's go be....enthusiastic?...about exams. and life. and sleep ((which ive been encouraged to do))

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  1. vicky is a freak... im just saying... she is secretly happy that i got her into blogging