Saturday, October 24, 2009

Post graduation

** Beautiful picture taken in the school quad after our valedictory service. e '09. that.
it's over
well technically the lessons part is and i start exams on monday.
it's french-----krrr krrr
ACTUALLY having french as my first 2 exams is in itself- hidden brilliance. it means i can shred every bit of french i own SOON :D
shame-madame spent the whole of our last lesson telling us all the differences between saying 'good luck' and 'shit' in french.
no joke--she said shit abot 20 makes things awakward when your teacher starts swearing.
But other than swearing french teachers...things are still bleak. and im probably not going to see a few very important people to me in my life ever again after my last exam.
SIGH* whoever said matriculating was a blast?

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