Tuesday, October 27, 2009

*we should all just blog instead

ok so two things i know for sure:
1. The fact that i should be studying right now instead of posting a new post is....well, its lame to say the least.
aaand then, on the other hand
2. The fact that im blogging instead of studying right now is also lame. Why? WELL---because it means im gonna fail life in dramatic fashion due to utter failure in examinations :o

SO...im in a rut. grrreat.

Ok, so my point? I can either study and accept the lameness or not study and fail life.

SIGH--now that ive described the wonderously challenging problem im faced with for the day...maybe i should stop staring at my really messy cupboard and take my feet off of my french ((yes--that IS what i think of french)) and then proceed to study.


i think im just going to blog instead*

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