Tuesday, November 10, 2009

rain, rain- stay right here

**im kinda being telopathecally forced to write a new post...yes, i can feel the pressure

okaaaay...hmmm well....it's raining.
but what's new.
it's been doing so for...what?...four days
but im not complaining.
cause rain is very very amazing and i should just go live somewhere out in the country where it's beautiful when its raining. (oo, like in Pride and Prejudice movie---i'll just go live there...thaaanks*)

akrikaans is over...and i know i was right A cause---hmmm...im always right.
ok, not really but in theory its cool to think that i am.

SIGH..this weather makes me want to go and hike into the mountains where all that mist is and be all "im adventurous" ish.
BUT..in all serious..im not really gonna go hike up a mountain at 21.30 to find some mist. maybe i'll just go stand outside in the rain.

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