Tuesday, November 17, 2009

try a little paroxide

Okay...so im sitting at my hairdresser and im waiting.
for 4O minutes.
because the dye that im using to make my hair of a lighter colour needs that long.
But he had to mix a bit of paroxide in with the dye.
and in all seriousness--anyone who has ever had any sort of paroxide on their hair will know that it ITCHES!!!
aaaaaaaa all i wanna do in life is scratch my head right now.
but i cant.
noooooo. its getting worse as i talk about it.

ok, ok, just breathe people lol* i can use my blog to distract me from the itch.
Sigh-okay, i have now got 3O min to wait.


oh and im also secretly being REALLY paranoid cause im hoping this wont be too blonde.
THAT could be an interesting confrontation with ms bekker

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