Wednesday, November 4, 2009

blogging about*

posting a blog on ones phone or looking at blogspot on ones phone takes A LOT of patience.
BUT, me thinks said grand effort to blog just shows my true dedication to this awesumness that is blogging.

I feel like mentioning 3 cool people who are awesum enough to blog as well...

cheyenne- you got a blog you got a blog you got a blog you got a blog. now im gonna stalk your blog as much as you stalk mine :p

lynsayanne- i already stalk your blog (as you have threatened me if i do not follow its every post). so i live in fear that one day youll be like "did you see that post" and ima be like "no...AAAA. ill try harder next time".
And maaaybe one day soon ill go look at :]

andrea (stolen middle name: jane) - i reserve commenting on any of your daily habits. [including sleeping habits, preppiness (btw-ur preppiness makes you awesum), choice in boys (or boy) (and yes, thats OTHER than Hunter Parish) and your tv addiction (theres nothing wrong with tv...and weeds is AMAZING)]

SO YEAH--you 3 are awesum and we can all just radiate coolness together.

anyway--my theory of the day ("embrace the sunshine") {which was actually a stolen theory from 2 of the above} didnt end up so well.
I embraced it and then ya---aftersun gel is amazing!! The sun, however, is now my enemy.
Maybe one day in life i will actually resort to something as scary as fake tan.
HAHA, not!!
Ill volentarily go and get an injection before self-tanning...and we all know how i feel about needles.

BUT another off day tomorrow. MAYBE i will study maths lit...or maybe i wont (*shocker) and i will be happy about the possible rain :)

BUT, not everyone is as lucky as me--some people write history tomorrow...eish. {ok, well i THINK its history tomorrow-could be wrong}
good luck to a very awesum shooting star*

and now, as for me--i might potentially retire from blogging for the evening.

love to you all

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  1. Awww pix... Tear* lol yes go stalk my 1post only blog... Ps 'i hate u'