Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ain't no sunshine when it rains

So the rain was short lived---well, at least in my area*
but then--as if to reintroduce summer to my life the sun came out and out popped a rainbow.
SIGH...tomorrow is maths lit paper SO stressed. OH.MY whatever shall i do.
i love this part of exams---i get to school bright and early and listen to my ipod.
the girls who do maths---they arrive at school and start a frenzy of "i don't know how to do that"s and "oh my word, please help me"s.
come to think of it--sounds a bit like my desperation when i have the tendancy to show up before an afrikaans lit exam having NOT studied any of the stories.
BUT, dont fear people. THAT wont happen***

but anyways--here's some good news on the horizon...that burn i said i have...well it's gone semi brown overnight. woohoo. but it's still sore ((so cheyeene dont get any ideas with books or nothing))

SJOE--i can smell the weed from my chronic druggie neighbours wofting into my room. it's kinda gross...but seriously--it's like they blowing it AT my window. But i wont say anything to them cause the man next door is kinda a scary, hairy IT.

aaaaand theeeeen....that's that.

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  1. picki... i would assume thats for me,The no book part, however my name is not cheyeene soooo i guess its not fot me...