Sunday, November 22, 2009

Boy can i babble that my blog has been rectified from being in Persian (yes, it changed its own language :o) and i can now actually read everything i need to (thanks cheyenne for your wonderful battery killing help)

**i can now get back to blogging**

this kinda means i should maaaybe switch my brain on.
which is technically something i should have done this morning cause i still havnt gotten round to starting bio.

tick tock tick tock


is that enough writing for an update post?
because my words of wisdom have temporarily been impaired of late.
OH dear.

and ive decided that One Tree Hill was really cliche when they made Nick Lache (former mr jessica simpson) feature as himself (and sing) in episode 21 (or so). laaaame. he's such a one hit wonder.
no wait.
he didnt even have a hit.

ANYWAYS, ima get back to telling everybody how awsum i am.

OH and p.s - lynsayanne, that Austria vacation your going on. it's not fair.

the end

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  1. lol vix id pack you in my suitcase and take you with if i could :)