Saturday, November 14, 2009

Putting an end to procrastination

**soo..ive been procrastinating about blogging of late.
[[EVER so sorry to keep ALL (three) fans on hold :p ]]
BUT then i face a dilema cause then when i WANT to blog--well--the timing of the want is wrong.

EITHER WAY. im here now.

My house was like some circus tonight--a whole lot of relatives, three toddlers playing and screaming and banging on a piano and a dog who would not stop barking.
oh and then i had to wash dishes. lots and lots of dishes.

but on the good side of the evening--i finally own the Lion King on dvd. This is a huuuuge moment for me because ive been trying to get it for like 4 years. But stupid Walt Disney studios only releases it every 10 years and its not sold in South Africa. HONESTLY now.
But in all collection is ALMOST complete :D

ANYWAYS--i have too much time before my next exam. I actually like having an exam cause it means seeing friends...who i miss very much.
no--but seriously---it's getting closer to the 30th (or whichever date english 3 is on) and thats the official last day we're all together.
in all truth i want to cry.

ANYWAY--both C and L (and possibly A) said my blog is too emo so...
smile smile smile
laa dee da
lol lol lol

etc etc

thats happy enough.
maybe im just not a generally happy person. or maybe my thinking on a deeper level is mistakened as emo-ness.

BUT--i love you my three followers lol***
a lot.


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  1. or maybe u just enjoy making me tear up....

    i love you tooo....