Sunday, November 1, 2009

A very strange poem*

this is a 12-year old's attempt at poetry.
dont laugh. this is very serious.

When I got my new frog today I noticed something odd,
My supposedly endangered tree frog had turned into a bod.
Oh look I cried as he turned around, you are quite rather handsome,
Are you a man of any importance- for I shall hold you for a ransom.

My fellow man friend I do bequeath,
I am an amphibian from beneath.
My manly body has come a shock to me,
For I’m not used to these feet you see.

My mouth is smaller,
My underarms could kill.
There are stenches coming from places,
Which will no doubtedly make me ill.

And what is this odd roughage I have upon my face,
Its growing longer and longer at an uncanny pace.

My dear frog friend whom I have now conversed,
I do find this situation rather odd.
For when I brought a frog today
I didn’t think he’d turn into a bod.

Answer me this my man friend
Does this transformation cause you despair
Does a frog turned man friend scare you
Or do you even care

My dear frog friend……….

Here we both stand to our surprise,
An odd encounter I shall demise.
I’m now determined to make you my friend
I fear my life might otherwise end


admittingly it comes to an unconcluded end...but i was 12...what do you expect LOL. you can laugh.

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  1. this poem made my morning* you're the only person capable of such poems...